The 10th International conference on Rice for Food, Market and Development (rice-Africa 2024), will be the Africa’s largest single gathering of rice traders, processors, investors, long term funders, service providers, policy makers, scientists, researchers, and technology experts is going to be held on July 9-11, 2024 at the Raw Materials Research and Development Council, Abuja, Nigeria. The event will seek to attract thousands of delegates from around the world. It will be under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Nigeria and organized by Rice Africa Working Group and Leap Domiciliares Ltd.
The RARC brings together hundreds of stakeholders and top rice scientists from around the world and Africa in particular, to discuss the latest development and scientific breakthroughs. With more than 1,000 expected delegates. Early bird registration attracts a discount of 10%. Registration  
The focus will be on how to optimize sustainable growth in the rice industry in Africa and providing practical steps towards value chain approaches to increase the market for Home grown rice. Also, in mainstreaming sustainable rice production and processing through the facilitation of the Private Sector’s involvement. Rice-Africa seeks to create the necessary platform for rice producers, processors and marketers as well as researchers to meet thereby create jobs, assure food security, promote private sector investments for wealth creation and maximize agriculture sector contribution to Africa economic growth.
Structure of the Meeting
In line with its goal and focus, the congress is a two-day event and it will features papers from experts, policy makers, researchers, technology innovators, processors, marketers as well as all other relevant stakeholders in the rice industry. The forum will be comprised of the Opening and Technical sessions.      
 Date, Venue and Time 
               Date: Tuesday to Thursday (9 to 11 July, 2024)
               Venue: Abuja -Nigeria
Time: 9am
The B2B forum is a more exclusive event that gathers the most influential businessmen, long term fund providers, investors, policy-makers, rice processors and traders, commercial rice farmers in the international and African rice markets and trade. It provides authoritative discussion on international rice policy and investment opportunities, rice trade analysis, investors training and relevant commercial information. It forms the heart of the RAC2024. This Rice Projects Promotion and Investment Partnership forum is an optional workshops and seminars and will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 9 & 10, offering participants the opportunity to present their rice projects to potential investment partners and long term funders; have a chance to appraise several rice projects with strong production potential and positive cash flow. Participants also value these workshops and seminars as productive networking activities. These are either full day or half day events and the number of participants is limited. Participation is open to rice project promoters in the public and private sectors interested in technical and financial partnerships, equity investments and joint venture arrangements for their rice projects. We are bringing to the presentation room international rice trading companies, private equity and investment banks seeking viable investment opportunities in the rice sector of Africa. You will need to have pre-registered for these. You will receive a voucher for the workshop(s) you have registered for in your badge holder. Please hand in the voucher at the door of your workshop. pre-registered
TECHNOLOGY, SERVICE AND CULTURAL EXHIBITION (TSCE) The Technology, Service and Cultural Exposition will be the biggest rice exhibition and will feature latest technologies, research and machines from basic rice-grain production to diverse rice by-products. Service providers and Support services in the industry should also take advantage of this exhibition to show case their companies. The organizing committee is offering companies the opportunity to exhibit their products. If you have any particular request on how you want to expose your company at the conference, please contact the rice-Africa secretariat at +234 803 924 5406 or send an email to opportunity to exhibit
LUNCH SYMPOSIA The organizing committee is offering companies the opportunity to be a special sponsor. Each lunch Symposium has duration of 1. 5hours (including room set-up), use of Technical equipment on site and a provision of 200 Room Capacity (theatre style). Also, various sponsorship opportunities are available, from which sponsors may select different elements corresponding to the level of their financial support. Companies can sponsor an element individually or where possible, acceptable to all, and appropriate in combination with another sponsor. If you have any particular request on how you want to present your company at the conference, please contact the rice-Africa secretariat at +234 803 924 5406 or send an email to sponsors
The AFRICAN RICE ALLIANCE ROUNDTABLE MEETING A high-level policy maker and industry leader summit on the discussion on African Rice Alliance (ARA) include all rice Stakeholders of major rice producing countries in Africa. With a vision to spur the development of competitive sustainable and inclusive rice industry and rice business in Africa as a pathway to increased economic growth and food security in the continent. . African Rice Alliance
EXPECTED PARTICIPANTS Rice Millers Rice Service Providers Grain Merchandisers Exporters Traders Brokers Freight Brokers Commodity Surveyors and Inspector Procurement Official, Importers and End Users Shipping Industry Officials (liner and Bulk) Government/Trader Representatives Fertilizer Suppliers and Production Inputs (chemicals for controlling pest and diseases) Seed Suppliers Rice Researchers Sorting/Milling/Machinery and the Postharvest Sector Collateral Managers Trade Finance/Commodity Trade Finance Banks/Micro-Finance institutions Marine/Cargo Insurance Legal Specialists Supporting the Rice Traders Regional Rice Associations Government Bodies and Institutes/Universities
Important: Rice-Africa 2024 is a pan-African conference. The language is English. Rice-Africa 2024 has been actively supported by the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, which is looking forward to welcoming participants to Abuja in July.