Submission of Abstract/Papers


Climate change is one of the most important issues the world is facing today. In Africa, signs of the changing climate are evident in rising temperatures, more frequent floods, droughts and desertification, and land degradation. Across the African continent, the effects of climate change have challenged agricultural production, threatening food and economic security. Rising temperatures is causing prolonged periods of drought and rainfall, and disrupting planting and harvesting seasons.

It is predicted that climate change will further exacerbate the already poverty-ridden regions where most of the populations depend on agriculture for survival.

To respond to the increasing interest in effect of rice value change and human induced climate change and the fight against climate change, rice-Africa is organizing the 10th International Conference from 9 to 11 July 2024, in Nigeria.

The conference will provide another opportunity for the rice community to elaborate the attributes of rice in the context of climate change and to support sustainable development, discuss the main climate challenges facing the rice sector and explore solutions for tapping the full potential of rice sub-sector, through incentivizing innovation, establishing an enabling environment, improving economics, and addressing stakeholder engagement, among others. It will also serve as an important platform for the rice community to establish a dialogue with the actors at policy and technical levels.

Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the event is to provide a forum for rice actors, representatives of relevant agencies and sub-sectors, international organizations, and other stakeholders to exchange information on the role of rice in the energy transitions towards net zero emissions, consistent with the objectives of limiting global warming.

The conference themes include the mitigation challenge and implications for the energy sector; the climate-resilience of rice systems; the roles of existing, evolutionary, and innovative rice systems as well as the integration of rice-renewable energy systems; enabling environments for realizing the full potential of rice industry; and international cooperation and stakeholder engagement.



1. Climate change Adaptation and Mitigation for Rice production

2. Effect of climate change on rice value in Africa

3. Rice production, conservation, processing and ‘Smart’ farming

4. Smart agriculture and Information and Communication Technologies

5. Smart technologies and agricultural education and training

6. Rice Farmers resilience, climate change mitigation and Agricultural insurance

7. Impact of climate change on female rice farmers and the socio-economic constraints they face within the context of gender inequality

8. Investment in climate resilient agriculture programmes and soil management

9. Deployment of technologies in rice mechanization and rice industrial park

10. Improved rice varieties for challenging drought, flooding, temperature variation and pest management


  1. Authors must include their phone numbers and functional corresponding e-mail addresses below their names in the abstract and full paper.
  2. Abstracts should not be more than 300 words on font size12 point, Times New Roman.
  3. Full papers should not be more than 12 pages on A4 sized paper with normal margins (tables and references inclusive).
  4. The text should be organized into the following subsections in bold lowercase letters: Introduction, Purpose of the Study, Methodology, Results and Discussions and References.
  5. Authors shall register two hard copies of their full paper with Editor-in-Chief for peer review on the conference day.
  6. Papers for the conference should have depth and geographical spread for policy relevance.
  7. Submit electronic copies of abstract to:  


Submission of abstract close on 15th June, 2024

Submission of full paper: 30th June, 2024

Submission of power point version: 6th July, 2024


Monday 8th July 2024 – Arrival

 Tuesday 9th July 2024- Registration, Opening Ceremony, & Technical Session

Wednesday 10th July 2024 – Technical Session and AGM

Thursday 11th July 2024 – Departure


  • Conference Registration (Nigeria Participants):        N35,000
  • International Participants                                                       $100
  • Corporate Conference Registration:                                N60,000

Please effect your payment for conference registration to secure your participation, SCAN the evidence of payment and send to or


Bank: First Bank of Nigeria, Abuja                            

Account No.: 2015555317

Sote Code:     011150000


Participants are to take care of their accommodation during the conference. A list of hotels in Abuja will be provided subsequently.

 Note: Previous Book of Conference Proceedings will be available during the conference.